I am so excited I had to share. But first, a little background: I grew up dancing and teaching for the Walter Schalk School of Dance, as I explained in my About page, and I would live and breathe for it. Again here I go being corny, but it was my whole life. There was no better feeling to me than to be on that stage performing under those hot, bright lights in front of a packed audience (and you couldn’t even see the audience because of how bright the lights were shining on you, but the crowd energy was so magnetic) at the New Canaan High School Auditorium. Now let me remind you, I have not been in touch with Mr. Schalk (Walter Schalk is the name of the man who owns the dancing school; named after himself) in about 10 years, [gasp! 10 years ago I graduated high school!]. However, my 4 nieces currently dance in his program. So the past few years I have been going to the shows and speaking with Mr. Schalk more regularly. To my surprise, every time I went to the show and said hello to him, he remembered me and would ask, “When are you coming back to teach for me Kempf?”

Well…….. just this summer we sat down and talked about adding a Zumba® class to his program!  Since I work full-time as an Accounting Manager (and yes, I LOVE my day job, honestly), Zumba is the only direction I want to take any fitness classes I teach outside of my “real job”. Thankfully Mr. Schalk was on board. He has never offered Zumba® before, and I’m grateful to be able to be the first one in his dancing school to start this.  A lot of people in my home town of New Canaan, CT, where we will be holding the classes, will most likely remember me and remember when I taught their kids when they were younger. I can’t help but feel really hopeful and positive that the classes are going to be a great turn out. This will be a drop-in rate per class (I believe $10) and you can come and go whenever you want – it won’t be like his dancing school where you sign up and HAVE to go every Wednesday etc. for 6 months. So it will be really flexible.

He put in a flyer to all the towns he does business with in CT with ME on it! I am over the moon happy and so excited to see this. Already a few people have reached out to me because they have seen the flyer 🙂

I know it’s small and hard to read, but that is my picture and little bio about me.

Fall 2012 – Zumba® with Walter Schalk!