This is a post on my favorite foods that I currently enjoy and eat regularly. Please note, that this is just what works for me, and may not at all work for you. I know that I get inspired by reading others’ blogs on their favorite foods to try new things, so I am hoping to do the same for anyone reading this 🙂 I will start off with 3 of my favorite things as I know this post will probably get long and don’t want to bore you to death!

1. Oat Bran.

I have a slight (and by slight, I mean huge) obsession with Oat Bran and Oatmeal. I could live off this all day long, and that is not a joke. There are days when I even eat some sort of Oat Bran/Oatmeal concoction for lunch. I love it so much because I put things in it and create concoctions that are not only healthy and nutritious, but they taste so damn good!  Peanut butter is my favorite thing to add, along with greek yogurt, chia seeds, and dark chocolate. With all of that said, it also keeps me very full and I can honestly tell how stable my blood sugar stays; no crashing whatsoever. Every morning for breakfast (at least right now) I mix a serving of Bobs Mill Inn Oat Bran with 1tbsp chia seeds cooked in water; I then add a scoop of Peanut Butter (I do not measure..and lately I love this nuttzo pb I have found), a container of plain 0% greek yogurt, some frozen blueberries, a little truvia, and mix it all up. It is a huge serving that takes me about an hour to eat while I sit at my desk at work. I know people at work think it looks weird, but I don’t care. It works for me, tastes amazing, and I ENJOY it.. enjoying it is key. Here is a pic (I really am terrible with photography, FYI):

My Favorite Breakfast!

Lastly, my favorite brand of Oat Bran is from Bob’s Red Mill. The texture is the best I’ve found and it plumps up the best I’ve seen in hot water. This is the latest and greatest cereal I buy: Organic High Fiber Hot Cereal. This is full of filling fiber, protein, and healthy whole grains (good for your digestion, ya know what I’m saying) I love the saying that hot cereal like oat bran and oatmeal are “stick-to-your-ribs-kind-of-food” – exactly how I feel about it. I love to eat foods that are filling yet satisfying, and this hot-gooey-grain cereal does it all for me.

2. Arugula.

I basically cannot eat a salad without having Arugula in it. I love the flavor it adds to a salad, simple as that. I don’t find regular lettuce to have any taste, but arugula has this more defined flavor that I simply cannot go without in a salad. Not to mention that it is full of nutrients: “Arugula is one leafy green vegetable that stands out as a rich source of many vitamins and minerals. Consider the difference between iceberg lettuce and arugula. Arugula contains about eight times the calcium, fives times the vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, and four times the iron as the same amount of iceberg lettuce. The choice is easy. Start with arugula for a healthier salad!” Source. So with the taste factor and the nutrient factor, you cannot go wrong with Arugula. Like I mentioned in #1, I love to eat foods that are filling but also enjoyable. At my day job, they actually buy us lunch everyday (they pick the place and we write down what we want from the menu.. not bad huh?). I am so obsessed with Arugula, that when I order my daily salad off the menu, I bring a small container of arugula from home and add it to my ordered salad.  It makes the salad bigger and the flavor is that much better.. so why not?

3. HOT spices – cayenne pepper & red pepper flakes.

I love, love, love anything spicy, and I have quite a high tolerance for it. I add cayenne pepper and red pepper to pretty much anything I eat at lunch or dinner (obviously not oatmeal, ha) – salads, pizza, sandwiches, entrée’s from restaurants, etc. – you get the idea. I love the taste of it – Really, I do. I’ve also read numerous articles and studies that state how eating spicy foods, especially cayenne pepper, can increase your metabolism after consuming it. So the fact that I not only love how it taste, but it also increases my metabolism? Yes please!  Here is a great article explaining the many health benefits of red/cayenne pepper: Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

My Favorite Spice!

So those are the three I am going to start with today. I really should make Oatmeal it’s own post and may actually do that.. hmm. Part II will definitely include my love and serious need for almond milk. It is ridiculous how many half gallons I can go through in a week. Anyone make their own? I have seen some recipes for it but I admit, I’m scared or intimidated to make it myself. Anyway, stay tuned!