I had to share this awesome new product I have discovered for my blonde hair. So every 8 weeks I usually get my hair highlighted… sometimes I just do blonde, and other times I mix it up with low-lights. Because I do the low-lights, they fade…and pretty fast, too. I have noticed lately that where the low-lights in my hair used to be, that hair has turned kind of brassy and gasp! orange.. I don’t like it. I went to get a haircut this past week and wasn’t getting highlights done this time as I am trying to space it out and not over process my hair so much, and the woman doing my hair (who did a great job by the way, thanks Lisa!) told me about washing my hair with “purple shampoo”. I have heard

of this before but never tried it. I did some research and found that John Frieda makes it! I was so happy about this because his products are very reasonably priced. So Friday after work I picked some up at Harmon’s (anyone have this store? awesome discount beauty supply store)..only $4.99 a bottle. I bought both the shampoo and conditioner.

Results: After teaching Zumba yesterday morning (Saturday) I was pumped to try this out. I’ll just cut to the chase…. this product worked after one use, and I don’t think it’s mental. My hair definitely looked brighter and blonder and not as brassy. I am going to use this 3x per week or every other wash and see how it goes. I have high hopes since after one wash with it I absolutely noticed a difference in my hair. Not to mention how soft and silky it made my hair feel!  So blondie’s, if you are finding your hair brassy or orange, this is a good product!

Has anyone tried this?

(disclaimer, I do not work for John Frieda or have any affiliation, just wanted to give my own review)