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Red Mango describes themselves as: “Our name, Red Mango, is a symbol of our commitment to using only the best all-natural ingredients for our frozen yogurt, smoothies and parfaits.” www.redmangousa.com

Red Mango is a new yogurt place that just opened a few short months ago in my hometown of New Canaan, CT. My roommate had actually told me about it and being that I am from NC, I was pumped to try this. I thought it was going to be just like Pinkberry; where you walk in, you tell them what you want, and they put it all together for you.

I was so wrong! The first time I walked in here I was a bit confused and felt awkward as I had no idea it was a “self-serve” type of place.

This place was so up my alley, or as I like to say, “Eva Friendly”. You pick your size cup, and there is an array of flavored yogurt in the machines to choose from, and you serve yourself the amount that you want. I love this because I love being in control of what and how much I am eating. Then you move along to the topping stations and again you add yourself what you want. There are a ton of different fruits – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, etc. Then there are chopped almonds and peanuts, coconut, and of course the sprinkles, cookie dough, brownies, dark chocolate, peanut butter pieces, etc.. you get the point. They weigh it and that is how they determine the price. I really like this idea because you can control how much or how little of eveything you want. I like being able to add lots of fruit and the “healthy” toppings (coconut, almonds, peanuts). For me personally, I never felt like Pinkberry added enough – I want it loaded w/ fruit! Anyway, so last night Nick and I went there after a BBQ we had at my parents for Father’s Day (they still live in New Canaan). As you can see below in the pics, I loaded a big cup! I got dark chocolate yogurt and vanilla mixed, and then I topped it with lots of fruit, coconut, and some chopped peanuts. It was really good and satisfying. I was almost tempted to go to Red Mango today again during lunch 😉

Anyone have a Red Mango or similar yogurt place they like that is like this one?