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Tuesday night’s after my day job {that I really do love as an Accountant} I teach TWO Zumba® classes. The first one is at 6:30 pm at a local dance studio my good friend owns and I rent the space from her, Step N Out Dance Studios (Thanks, Susan!). It is a good size studio room that could comfortably fit up to 30 people. I charge $10 per person per class, and anyone can come to this class as no membership is required (glad to also announce credit cards are accepted!). I benefit the most financially from this class since I charge per person (less a studio fee, but still worth it). Plus, some of my students really like the smaller setting of a dance studio compared to that of a large gym. They like that they have room to move since the gym gets so crowded, and they feel like they get more one on one attention from me. I have a good group at this studio and I am very grateful for it! A lot of my family members are not members of the gym’s I teach at, so they come to Step N Out Dance Studios. I would say I average between 8 and 15 people on any given Tuesday, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but that is where I have seen the numbers stay the most. My goal is to have a consistent 15-20 at Step N Out…I’ll get there!

My second class is at 8 pm at a gym, LA Fitness. This-class-is-huge. And by huge, I mean about 60-80 people come this class. The energy is absolutely out of this world; I can’t even describe the feeling of teaching this class. I have a great crowd of people at LA Fitness, as well, and some are actually now following me to Step N Out Dance Studios where they do a Double Tuesday Zumba with me also! Incredible!!! I also love that the gym class is after the dance studio class, because the gym class is obviously bigger, (and I admit, I love teaching the bigger classes) and the students really push me to get through it with their explosive energy. 60 to 80 people cheering, smiling, sweating, and dancing? That sure will get me energized and fired up to push myself harder to teach… tired? what’s that? 2 hours of Zumba back to back is no sweat with this crowd (no pun intended, ha)! So, I actually have the time of my life. The only downside is that the gym pays you a set rate. You do not get compensated more for how many people you are bringing in, and I wouldn’t exactly say their pay rates are “good”. It seems kind of backwards, for sure, but it unfortunately it is just how it is.

If you can’t tell, Tuesdays are my favorite nights of the week! I get to teach at a smaller studio where people really appreciate Zumba and come just for Zumba, and then I get to teach at a highly packed gym with outstanding energy – what could be better?!

If anyone wants to see videos of me teaching at Step N Out Dance Studios, they are posted on my FB page.

My Zumba Peeps (Jennifer, Jessica, and Ryan). They come to all my classes – Step N Out and LA fitness (Photo taken at LA Fitness). Thanks guys!

William! he has such good energy in every class.. always hooting and hollering! and yes, that is me sweating through my shirt… we work out hard!

This week’s playlist was the following… I got very good feedback this week from it! I can’t even pick a favorite; I love every single song. We start with a warm-up, then get into “Zumba”, and then the last 2 I bring the heart rate down with a slow song (Alejandro) and then a stretch song (We Are Young).

We do 16 songs total… BOOM!

Next up:

My favorite sneakers: Nike Lunarglides. I know quite a few Zumba instructors who wear these when they teach also. They are technically running shoes but I have found them to really work for me when I teach. I used to get really sore knees the next day after class, but after breaking in a pair of these baby’s, I am good to go and happy to say no sore knees pretty much ever. I do, however, go through a pair in about 2-3 months. That means I am usually stocking up at the Nike Outlet any chance I can get! I just discovered that Zappos also seems to have good deals on them – I need to check that out.

See picture below for the details of the infamous Lunarglides:

The picture is inserting really small for some reason, but basically they are a great shoe that offers stability and cushion support. I usually prefer all cushion shoes, but I like that the Lunarglides offer a bit of stability because I feel like I need it when I am teaching and doing a lot of the lateral movements that Zumba® requires. They are also light and very breathable because they made of mesh material, which is another quality I like. Also, don’t they just look cool? I think so. And let’s be honest, I’m a female and I am vain; I want to like how my work out clothes and sneakers look. Hmm this reminds me, I need to do a post on my favorite work out clothes: LULULEMON!

My 2 pairs of lunerglides


my newest pair

Stay tuned for more Double Zumba® posts. I want to try to make this a bi-monthly or monthly post 🙂