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Tonight was “Double Zumba®”. Two great classes tonight. Step N Out (the dance studio) had more people than usual and LA Fitness was huge and energetic. My very sweet mother came to my LA Fitness class. She is so cute and supportive and can actually Zumba very well… Love her. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

My favorite thing to eat after teaching an intense 60 minute Zumba® class is cereal. I somehow through trial and error realized this was an excellent recovery meal for me. Other meals would be some sort of protein with veggies and a piece of Ezekiel bread or something, but would always feel like I was retaining water the next day. I honestly had gained 7 pounds the first few months after teaching even several classes per week. I really didn’t understand how that was possible, and I noticed my face looked puffy in pictures. Maybe it was all in my head but it was how I felt. One day I decided to try cereal – and not just a plain bowl of cereal, but any Kashi cereal or cornflakes (those types) mixed with almonds, craisins, cacao nibs, and almond milk, and I honestly felt like a million bucks the next day. I was sore, sure, but my felt like I was fueling myself properly. I also lost those 7lbs of water weight, or whatever they were, once I started eating carbohydrates after teaching Zumba. Now I feel leaner and in better shape than I have ever been, all due to CARBS!!! Woohoo! *Please note, this is just what works for me; this may not at all be a good recovery meal or any other given person.* I know this sounds odd but maybe a nutritionist out there reading this post can make sense of it all. The only thing I can think of is that veggies and chicken were not enough calories and so my body went into starvation mode. Cereal and everything I mix in it is way more cals, so my body stopped retaining water, holding onto weight, or just stopped doing whatever, ha. I really don’t know, but just my guess.

Here is my process:


Tonight I combined CornFlakes, Kashi Honey Sunshine, cocoa roasted almonds (I don’t measure, just throw in a handful), cacao nibs (same thing, just throw a pinch in), and lots of Unsweetened Original Almond Milk by Silk. Oh yeah, I also don’t really measure the cereal – I would imagine I throw in a cup or so of each kind, so two cups total. As you can also see I put my cereal in a tupperware style bowl. I like them better than glass bowls for some reason, so random.

Here is the cereal dry before adding the rest of the fun stuff:

Everything mixed! I add cinnamon and Truvia on top. Not pictured are a few frozen blueberries I added on top, as well.


I also was still a little hungry after this bowl of cereal..well not really hungry, I just wanted to keep eating. Zumba was off the hook tonight so I worked hard!! I NEED FOOOD, lol. I ended up eating some left over popcorn I made last night, the microwaved kind. It is also ridiculous how much popcorn I can eat. Ok ranting is over. I have work in the am and need sleep.