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Happy Friday, friends!

Today was one of my half days at work. In the summer we have a rotating schedule and get 6 Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day where we can leave at 12. So nice! Well today was a very busy day and didn’t leave till 1 – I’ll take it, though! Anyway…

After running some errands and a dentist appointment, I was in dire need or an afternoon snack. Starbucks was right near by and they have very “Eva-Friendly” options. I’m sure you can guess…. OATMEAL! And…. COFFEE! Yes, yes, I eat oatmeal as a snack. Obviously I cannot get enough of this grain. And I figured this would be a good blog post 😉

So I made a pit stop and got just that… One of their oatmeal’s and a Venti Iced Coffee. Perfect snack to hold me over for a few hours before Nick and I head I dinner later. I got the oatmeal with the nuts only and added cinnamon, nutmeg, and a packet of Truvia (I carry these with me sometimes since most places do not have them). So filling and perfectly hit the spot. In my iced coffee I added two packets of Truvia, cinnamon, and nutmeg, as well; and a good amount of whole milk. I know I just posted how I drink my coffee black, and I usually also do with iced coffee, but sometimes I get in the mood for milk when I get it iced – especially when I add Truvia. I devoured the oatmeal and chugged the iced coffee but luckily remembered to snap a picture!



Thank you Starbucks for having such Eva-Friendly options! I am quite impressed with what they offer and how healthy you can be at this place. Anything from oatmeal, to low calorie breakfast sandwiches, relatively healthy lunch sandwiches, bento boxes with assorted items, and skim latte’s, etc. A+ in my book!

Boy is it hot out there. Happy WEEKEND!!