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Happy Monday! I am writing this from my phone so I will apologize in advance if words are wrong- as anyone who is an iPhone user out there you know this dang autocorrect has a mind of its own 😉

Friday before we left for the beach in Delaware, Nick and I decided to try this new restaurant everyone has been raving about in my home town of New Canaan. It is called BLVD 18. It is fairly new having just opened in February.


I’ll just cut to the chase that I thought their food was really good, mainly because I was so impressed with my salad and how it couldn’t have been any more Eva-Friendly. It was perfect – lots and lots of chopped vegetables and a generous portion of cut up grilled shrimp. I’ve never seen a place put so much shrimp on a salad before. You usually get like 3 total and this salad had at least 10 large ones. I was one happy eater! Of course I asked for dressing on the side and only used a little to give it some kick… And also can’t leave out that I sprinkled a ridiculous amount of black pepper, too (I am obsessed with pepper; especially red… The spicier the better!). I can also eat insanely large portions of vegetables, but this salad I only got just a tad more than half way through… That is how much food was packed into this bowl! So not like me to not be able to eat every last bite. I won’t leave out, either, that Nick got a 16 oz NY Strip… His was awesome, too. Wine was consumed as well 😉

My restaurant tips, or what works for me I should say, is to order a salad with some kind of protein on it and ask for balsamic vinaigrette on the side for dressing. This way you can control how much dressing you are putting on and no doubt consuming less calories than if the restaurant put it on themselves. Or I order some kind of grilled or baked fish – those are also other healthy options that won’t side track you from your goals. I admit I do also enjoy a little bread with olive oil or a few pieces of fried calamari. I can’t pass that up so eating a few and eating in moderation is always ok. That’s why it is always a special treat to dine out! 🙂

20120702-071813.jpgmy salad! how amazing does this look? There are also huge white beans in there, too
20120702-071829.jpgNick’s half-eaten steak.. Delish
20120702-072252.jpg awesome bottle of white wine.. Will need to buy this myself!

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week!