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Hey everyone! Taking a break from life and spending a few days in Dewey Beach in Delaware. It is HOT!! (I started this post before I left for Del and now finishing it after the trip)…

Anyway, being away on vacation you may feel like you are off your routine. At least I do. But through the years I’ve found ways to get by and I don’t sabotage my health and fitness goals.

I just try to be mindful of everything. That is really the most important thing I do while being away from my routine. I try to eat as best as I can, but I definitely want to relax and eat things I wouldn’t normally eat on a regular basis. Yes, I like to indulge every now and then! The past few days I have enjoyed eating oatmeal mixed with fruit and nuts for breakfast, salads with chicken (dressing on the side) for lunch, and then eating whatever I’m in the mood for at dinner. Dinner I tend to “let loose” a bit more when I am on vacation. I am a bad blogger and forgot to take pictures (see google image’d pictures I found below that closely match what I ate), but this week’s dinner consisted of chicken pesto pizza from Grotto’s, an awesome family pizza place in Delaware; shrimp and crab meat sautéed in butter & broiled crab cakes from the Blue Crab in Bethany Beach; a huge tuna burger from a great restaurant in Rehoboth Beach called Summerhouse (cooked through, I don’t like it rare); and lots of wine and then even more drinks out at the beach bars….eek 😉 Orange Crush drinks are quite popular at Dewey Beach!

Picture of the chicken pesto pizza from Grotto’s FB page..SO good

Shrimp and Crab Saute from the Blue Carb in Bethany Beach, Delaware

Found a new love for crab cakes this past week!

Picture of my Orange Crush I was drinking… too good & dangerous 😉

I also still like to be active and do some kind of workout when I’m on vacation. Rehoboth Beach is another popular spot down here and one day Nick and I were walking on the boardwalk, and I saw a Zumba Fitness sign hanging up in front of a little gym nestled between all the shops called the Body Shop. Immediately I checked it out and looked at the schedule. There was a Tuesday 9am class that I was able to take… I am sure you can guess how happy I was to not only be on vacation but also be able to do the workout I LOVE doing! The instructor was great and I felt great after. Her name was Gillie and I HIGHLY recommend her if any of you are in the Delaware beach area. Her FB page is here. On top of doing a Zumba class, Nick and I walked a ton. 4 miles Monday and 4 miles today (Wednesday). It was so refreshing to walk along the boardwalk and the beach. So another thing I try to do even while being away from home is to get in walks at the very least and try to do some sort of workout. No reason to derail my health and fitness goals 🙂 You don’t need to sabotage food or workouts just because you are on vacation.

Picture I took of Dewey Beach

I actually took these pictures of the beach and boardwalk 🙂

Lastly, I ALWAYS bring snacks with me that I can enjoy in between meals because I definitely cannot go without eating between meals. I always snack and honestly believe that this is why I stay in shape – I don’t over do it at meals (well, sometimes I do let’s be real here) because I know shortly after I am going to eat a snack, and eating every few hours keeps your metabolism going. Just having my own snacks that I enjoy help me stay on track. With all of that said, I always bring a box of plain oatmeal instant packets (everyone knows my obsession with this – I eat oatmeal not only for breakfast, but as snacks, too), Kashi honey almond flax granola bars, and 100 calorie packs of almonds. I meant to snap a pic of my “snack bag” but put everything away so quickly when I got home. You all get my drift, though.

My favorite granola bars

Overall, vacation is about spending time with your loved ones and having a great time! I really enjoyed myself the past few days with Nick and his family. I also don’t feel like I fell off track one bit, and I hope I can help you all to see that you don’t have to either when away on vacation. These are the experiences we are going to cherish. That is what making memories are all about! See below for some fun pictures 🙂 Tomorrow I am  back to work and doing a double Zumba session after work… back on my routine, ya know?! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.





Fun cover bands at North Beach Bar, Dewey Beach


Monday night cover Mike Hines.. he was awesome!