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Happy Thursday 😉

Back to work after 3 full days off.  I love getting away, but I love getting back on track to my routine, too.

Since I was not able to teach Zumba Tuesday, which meant I gave up TWO classes (*tear), I picked up another one for tonight (Thursday). I taught at my normal 5:45 LA Fitness class, and then picked up another LA Fitness class about 20 minutes away at 8 pm.  I have not taught at this other LA Fitness before, so I am excited to see a new crowd and new gym. I like putting myself out there to new people… ya never know, they may follow me to other gym’s or even to my Step N Out Studio’s where I make the most $ since I can charge per person. I will be tired but since I was away and didn’t work out too, too much, this will be a good butt kicking of my own! Plus it’s also no secret that I love the energy of teaching the big gym classes.

LA Fitness in Norwalk, CT

Being back on my routine also meant back to my favorite meals. This morning was my usual oat bran cereal cooked in water, with added chia seeds, 6oz plain greek yogurt, natural & crunchy peanut butter, a little Truvia, and lots of fresh blueberries. So filling and so good, and it takes me an hour to get through at work. Since I sit at a desk all day long, I constantly feel like I need to be eating, so this meal is perfect since it takes me so long to finish.

The most “Eva-Friendly” breakfast…EVER!

I find breakfast to be my most important meal. What I eat at breakfast basically sets the tone for the rest of my day. If I eat a hearty, rich, and healthy breakfast, I know that I will stay “on track” for the rest of the day… at least 90% of the time. Anyone else feel this way?

Benefits of breakfast: Source

– Think of if this way: “break-fast”. All night long you go without eating. When you wake up in the morning, you need to break the fast and EAT to get that metabolism going.

– Studies have shown that eating breakfast is a major contributor to weight control. This is because it can help keep your hunger from spiking throughout the day, and also because most people tend to make better choices as the day goes on when they have eaten a nutritious breakfast (I know this is VERY TRUE for me).

– Increased performance – more strength and endurance during exercise

– Great way to get in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your diet.

So don’t skip it! It is not worth saving those calories for later; they will only backfire and you will end up binging or making poor food choices later in the day. Pass that oatmeal, please!

Back to ZUMBA! Playlist is still the one I had from my post a week or so ago:

My first class at the LA Fitness in Norwalk was FANTASTIC. It is growing and growing! I felt great working out and had a ton of energy since it had been a few days since I have taught Zumba and really pushed it hard.  The second class at the Trumbull LA Fitness was HOTTTTTT!! It was also a smaller class. Something was wrong with their AC, and boy were we all sweating buckets literally by the second song. I had not sweat that much in a long time, and especially since this was my second class of the night. The gym is brand new so it was nice to see, as well as nice to see a class I had never seen before. The students were troopers and stuck with me through the end. Thanks guys!

I am finally home devouring my favorite meal to eat after teaching Zoom (nick name for Zumba, lol)….found at this post. Cereal is done and tonight it was Kix, Cornflakes, 100 calorie pack of almonds, blueberries, cacao nibs, and lots of almond milk, all mixed together. Now time to crash! I also can’t wait to get up and eat breakfast.. yeah, I am already hungry again.. ha ha. So happy tomorrow is already Friday.

Back at Zumba® on Saturday Morning! Reminds me, I really need to get more pics of my classes.


– How do you all get through work-outs at super hot gyms?

– What do you like to eat after intense cardio sessions?

– What is your favorite breakfast?

– How do those of you who work in an office stay on track with nutrition goals?

Buenas Noches!