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Happy Friday, Friends! What is everyone up to for the weekend? I may get some slack for writing this post, but I enjoy drinking this beer so much I have to post about it. GUINNESS. It’s the weekend and most people enjoy an adult beverage (or two) on the weekends, so figured now is the time to post it/share my liking for it 🙂

I will admit this beer is definitely an acquired taste and it took me some time to get used to, but now that I like it, it’s really the only beer I want to drink. Bud light tastes like water…I’m over it. There is a little Irish bar about 500 feet from my apartment that hands down has the best Guinness I have ever had. Thank you, Casey’s Tavern! Most people want to eat sweets or indulge in junk food… NO.. I want a drink! I sound like such a drunk but stick with me on this one.

Anyway – I decided to do some research on this alcoholic beverage to find out the real deal. I had been hearing that there are actually health benefits in drinking a Guinness…however, please note that I do realize no benefits really do come from drinking alcohol, so drink responsibly 😉 For one thing, I kept hearing that it is a low calorie beer – and my first thought was, really? It’s so dark and “heavy”. Although I do not actually find Guinness heavy since it is not carbonated. I do not feel like a bloated whale the next day after drinking them. Then I was told it actually contained more vitamins than any other beer. Okay, I thought, interesting. After some research I discovered this to be true.

According to Fitsugar, drinking Guinness has been shown to decrease blood clots and the risk of heart attacks. It also has immune building properties due to its high anti-oxidant content, along with weight management, better bones, and a better memory (Source). Again I am absolutely not advocating that we can drink as many as we want of these…everything in moderation!

I found this awesome picture, thank you internets, showing the benefits of Guinness vs. Regular Beer. How cool? See the pic in its full from HERE

The picture has other parts to it so check out the link if you are interested. Some fun facts on the graphic: to burn off a pint of Guinness you would have to dance for 29 minutes and 30 seconds vs 36 minutes for a regular Beer. To be honest, if I am going to have a drink, who is really thinking about calories? But good to know! Anyone else love drinking Guinness? What is your favorite beer?

Up close and personal… YUM!! Best ever at Casey’s Tavern in Stamford, CT.

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I am off to teach Zumba® tomorrow morning at LA Fitness in Stamford, and then straight from class I am heading up to Boston! One of my bestest friends Melissa still lives there.    Will be a great weekend! What is everyone up to? and please, tell me what your favorite drinks are…

View of Boston…sometimes I miss living there. I met some really great people and reconnected with a lot of others.

Melissa and I (aka, my partner in crime) at the Living Room Bar in Boston’s North End

PS – I love wine, too. I am sure I will post about that at some point. HAPPY WEEKEND!