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Monday again.. where does the weekend go? My weekend was great and I hope you all had a good one, too! *I am posting only tid-bits of my meals and activities from the weekend. Please note that not all of my meals, drinks, or snacks are documented.

First, Zumba was amazing Saturday. The room was JAM PACKED. I walked in at 9:43 (class starts at 9:45) and usually at that time the room is filled but more people trickle in as the class goes on, filling it out. But this past Saturday it was PACKED even before class started, and because I know more people straggle in to class after it starts, I knew I was in for a big class. I was on Cloud 9! What a great way to start off the weekend. My class and I sure got in a great work out and danced our little tushes away.

I snapped this pic in between songs. #Cloud9!

I then had an awesome time in Boston with some great friends. As I’ve explained in my “About” Page, I used to live there from Summer 2009 to Summer 2011, just about two years. I moved for some dumb reasons and ended up sticking it out for 2 years so I didn’t “job hop” too much. But in the process I met & reconnected some great people (Melissa & Co!) so I definitely had a blast (but it was also some of my worst times). Connecticut is where my heart is so one year ago almost exactly I made the move back to be back with family…which has been great, too. I love my day job in Accounting in the Oil Shipping business (think the huge tanker ships that are in the ocean…& seriously, a whole industry I never knew existed, but I love it) and then teaching Zumba® at night. Anyway, Boston this weekend was a fantastic time.

When I arrived Saturday, Melissa and I went to a bar/restaurant for lunch I always used to go to when I lived in Southie: The Boston Beer Garden. This is a great low-key bar with really really good bar food. I was amazed at what I walked into… Low and behold: a new menu, and a SKINNY FOOD menu to go along with it! HELLOOOO Eva-Friendly!!! I was pumped to see this.


I ordered the Pistachio Salad since I was really in the mood for Tuna. I admit, though, that I do ask for my tuna to be cooked through. I love sushi, but when I eat a salad, I want my fish cooked. I didn’t take a picture because I felt weird, and I was also caught up in conversation with my bestest girl. (Bloggers, question for you – does taking pictures of your food & feeling weird about it go away?) The tuna was a very generous portion and the wasabi peas in the salad totally hit the spot.  Along with that, Melissa and I enjoyed a few lunch cocktails. I am sure you can guess what drink is mine after my last blog post. 🙂

My Guinness and her Pinot Grigio

I’ll spare the details of Saturday Night, but it was a fun BBQ at a friend’s place in the South End.. ridiculous roof deck overlooking the city. Too.much.fun.

Me and my bestest girl, Melissa on the roof deck.. beautiful city sky line in the background

Sunday we took a day trip to Crane beach in Ipswich, MA. I brought along a very healthy lunch bought at the Golden Goose market in the North End of Beantown that I thought I’d share. Who says you can’t eat healthy at the beach?! I got a garden salad, a quinoa salad, and yep, full fat ranch dressing. I just love a little bit of the real stuff. I mixed all of this together and it was really satisfying. The nutrition label on the quinoa said it was 20 calories per serving and there were 8 servings in the package, for a total of 160 calories. To be honest, I thought it was understated, but whatever, I was still impressed. It was good!


Finally, back in CT and woke up ready to tackle on Monday.

This morning I was feeling good and woke up plenty early, so I decided to try another Chalene Turbo Fire work out. This time I did the 25 minute HIIT. It was intense and I was definitely out of breath and sweating. I absolutely recommend this work out DVD set. Chalene is motivating, explains form and technique, and she is constantly giving words of wisdom – ie, “this is how the athletes train, so why wouldn’t we do the same thing?” I love it! I need to write down what she says so I can better quote her, but you get what I’m saying. The intervals she has you doing are hard and intense – burpees, squats, and jumps, but thankfully it is only one minute at a time. You do a combination of moves as intensely as you can for one minute, and then you break for a minute, and then you do a second set. It goes by super fast, too, which I like!  Before I knew it, I was done, and I was glad about that because I couldn’t possibly do another air jump or burpee,  ha ha. I am borrowing this box set from a Zumba student (THANKS BRENDA!), so I have to give it back soon…. however, I think this may by my next investment.  This series is good for traveling, when I can’t make it to the gym, or on days when I am not teaching Zumba. Plus it is a good mix up to the Chalean Extreme video’s that I also love.


Yeah buddy!


See the timer on the lower right-hand side. Love this!  I took this pic this AM from my tv as I was also mid-squat, ha.

That’s a wrap! Off to watch the Bachelorette 🙂

How was Everyone’s weekend? Any restaurants you know of that offer “skinny” menu’s? What are your thoughts on that?