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We all know what last night was…. Tuesday. Which MEANS! Double Zumba® Tuesday. My favorite day of the week. I switched up last night’s playlist, because let’s be honest, if I hear Starships one more time I may lose it (haha). I have been getting requests to do a routine to “Call Me Maybe” as everyone is freakin’ obsessed with this song, so yesterday morning I nailed a routine down all before work.. I know, I know, I don’t know how I do it either 😉 I also brought back a routine I did when I first began teaching “Shake it Up” by Mara; it was another class favorite. I mixed up the order of the songs a bit just to keep everyone on their toes – my regulars know my playlist by heart now and wanted to have them feel a change. Lastly, I brought back Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything Tonight” and added in a super-intense ab move. This was a great song to end the class before we got into the cool down’s (Alejandro and We Are Young).

Step N Out Dance Studios was a good turn out! The owner, my friend, Susan, also took my class last night and she is one AWESOME DANCER. I found myself wanting to dance more like her as I was teaching!

Then LA Fitness was a blast, per usual. Costa, another Zumba Instructor whose Master Class I am teaching at July 27th, taught 3 totally-heart-pumping-high-intensity-super-fun-routines! This makes me EVEN MORE excited for the Master Class if that is even possible. No pics from class last night. I totally forget when class is over. I am in such a rush to get home and EAT after teaching two back-to-back classes, yaknowwhatimsayin’.

Last night’s playlist:

Playlist 7.17.12

Playlist 7.17.12


So as most of you may know (or don’t know) my day job, or “big girl job” as I like to say, consists of me working in an office. I sit at a desk all day long. But let me be straight, I love my day job, so I do feel extremely fortunate to feel like I have the best of both worlds – an Accountant by day and Zumba Instructor at night. With that said, my company buys us lunch everyday. That means we are given a menu from some deli in the area, and we write down what we want. You can almost guarantee that I will always get a salad with chicken, about 90% of the time.

Today I was not feeling chicken, and lately, chicken has been turning me off. So I brought from home a Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie burger (one of my fav’s!) and a side of arugula + basil with red pepper & nutritional yeast sprinkled on top to add to my lunch order. I wrote down on the order form that I wanted just a tossed salad, no chicken, and extra veggies. This deli did a good job! I got hooked up with onions and chopped black olives, something the don’t normally put in my chicken salads. I was really pleased. The addition of the Dr. Praegers to this salad was delicious. Let me just remind all of you that I am very seriously obsessed with Arugula and Basil. I love the combination of taste together. They add such a good flavor to a salad; I feel like I’m eating out at a restaurant when I add this because I just can’t believe I came up with something so good, ha!

Look at all of that arugula and basil. Veggie burger hidden somewhere amongst the vegetable craziness

Up close and personal with a half-eaten Dr. P. veggie burger

So this reminded me that I wanted to share some office lunch eating tips with ya’ll:

1. You cannot go wrong with a plain tossed salad with chicken, hard-boiled eggs, beans, or any other kind of protein.

2. Make sure NO dressing is on the salad, as most restaurants/deli’s put on way too much and you will be consuming way more calories than is needed. I am a control freak and like to do this myself.

3. If not feeling chicken like I was today, bring a veggie burger from home and order just a plain tossed salad and ask for extra veggies. Then add in your veggie burger and whatever other fixin’s you bring from home (arugula + basil, anyone?!)

4. I love to add balsamic vinegar, plain, to my salads. It gives you a lot of taste but not a lot of calories. I keep it in my drawer at work.  Look at that oatmeal trying to peak out, too. I can’t ever have enough of that, either.

Yes that is my snack drawer at work with my favorite balsamic vinegar. I find it in the grocery store by keeping my eyes peeled for the “yellow label”, ha

5. If you need more dressing than just basic balsamic, make your own at home or bring some Annie’s Natural Dressings (or Newman’s Own, or Trader Joe’s, etc. you get my point) and leave them in the fridge at work. A lot of people do that here at my office. Basically, what I am saying is, to control how much YOU put on the salad; not the person making it.

6. Obviously, having a menu in front of me daily can sometimes be tempting to get something else. That is OK. There are so many other options that can be “healthy” or as I say “Eva Friendly” from a deli/lunch place. To name a few:

  • Turkey or ham or roast beef on whole wheat with L/T and spicy mustard, and maybe a little mayo on the side if you need more flavor (I would need this)
  • A grilled chicken wrap again with dressing on the side
  • One place we order from offers grilled salmon or chicken over veggies and brown rice..excellent!
  • Veggie and hummus whole wheat wrap
  • Veggie Omelette with dry rye toast (one of my fav’s for any meal)
  • 1-2 slices of thin crust pizza with a side salad
  • If you really just want something decadent like chicken parm, because who doesn’t love that & that’s the first thing that came to my mind (thanks to my Italian mama)… Order it and eat half. Be mindful of how you feel when eating and stop when you are perfectly satisfied, not to the point of uncomfortableness. To get extra food to fill you up, order veggies or bring them from home, or ask for a side salad. This won’t derail any nutrition efforts once in a while. Sometimes I get a crazy concocted sandwich on a roll (white bread..oh no! haha) with all sorts of things like chicken with cheese, pesto, mayo, oil, etc but I eat half the sandwich and have a plate of salad or veggies on the side. It works.
  • Be creative! Possibilities really are endless. Ask for substitutions. Most places are accommodating, just get over your fear of asking 🙂

Those are just my .2 cents and what works for me. Working in an office does not need to sabotage your health and fitness goals, even when work buys you lunch daily 🙂

A goal this week has been to drink more water. Does Seltzer count? Someone please tell me yes! I enjoyed this with lunch, too:

Hope everyone is having a great week so far & thank you for reading 🙂

Please stay tuned and keep reading C2N, in just a few short weeks I will be unveiling a whole new customized blog design thanks to Zesty Blog Consulting and Danielle. I cannot wait!

– Who here works in an office and has healthy-eating tips?

What is your favorite thing to eat at work?