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Hey all!

Before I dig into the posting, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who had such nice comments, FB messages, emails, and texts regarding Friday’s post. It meant a lot. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel much more inspired to give more glimpses into my life via this blog. My adoption story is really neat and gearing up the courage to write about it.

The best compliment I received yesterday:

Loved your rambling Eva! When I met you, you had just moved and you were just starting all these new things in your life and you had such a bubbly attitude about it all. I actually had thought ‘why does this gorgeous girl not have a boyfriend’ and ‘who do I know that would be perfect for her’ since I thought you were such an amazing person. Fortunately for you, I didn’t know anyone since you seem to have struck gold all on your own. You are truly an inspiration and all the good things in your life have been deserved and earned by you. One hour a week at zumba with you has even rubbed on me so keep it up!

Thank you, Hil. This truly means more than I can begin to express in words. This is why I am feeling more at ease with opening up here on the internets. Anyone struggle with how much they want or don’t want to put out there? How do you find that balance?

Has Saturday really passed us by already? I got the Saturday “don’t-matter-day” from a great friend Jana yesterday and thought HOW PERFECT this would be for a blog post. This is just going to be mish-mash of things, if you will. Hey, it’s the weekend, and I go completely off my routine, so why not have a blog post non-routine? Ha.

Let’s recap Friday, yeah? Nick and I had sushi for dinner… it’s been a while! I find sushi to be relatively healthy, if you don’t get the rolls with all those (delicious) sauces & mayo’s. I stuck to plain rolls and some sashimi, and loaded it up with wasabi and ginger. I definitely love me some spicy tuna, but Friday night I wanted to eat kind of plain since I knew Saturday was going to be an all day food-fest.  Naturally, when we are out to dinner, we always accompany it with a drink. I had a delicious espresso martini and Nick had some “guy drink” on the rocks. And seriously, why does the server look at me like I have 10 heads when I ask for more wasabi and ginger on the side? Oh, it’s not normal to eat sushi and have your eyes watering & sinuses clearing at the same time? Gotcha. 

There may or may not have been another glass of red wine consumed. Just sayin’.

Just a small glass. Riiiiight.

Now let’s talk Saturday. Before Zumba, I always eat some kind of greek yogurt goodness. A lot of people ask me what I eat and fuel up on before class, so I wanted to share this. Yesterday I had some plain Chobani left over in the big container from when I made Protein Pancakes, so I added some blueberries, crunchy PB, and wheat puffs to it. It was a perfect pick-me-up and pre-breakfast to get me through my sweat-sesh. I can’t eat too, too much since my class is so intense that I will want to throw up in the middle of the studio floor if my belly is too full. So it has to be the right amount and I find this works for me. Totes can’t forget my coffee. I tried a new creamer – Silk French Vanilla. Was okay. I still prefer to drink my hot coffee black.

I started off Saturday with an unbelievable Zumba class. The energy still gets me every time. People probably think I am used to great classes, but absolutely not. I STILL can’t believe these people show up to take MY class. It is surreal. I work so hard at this that to see the hard work pay off is a feeling I can’t even describe. Ok, I am so freakin’ cheesy.

Great Class..Thanks, Everyone! #Ihavethebeststudentsever

“Call Me Maybe” is still a hit for a warm-up song. Everyone is liking that it is slower so that they can push it harder in the other routines. Fun times.

After Zumba I was craving an iced coffee from Starbucks. I am slightly obsessed with Starbucks. I got a venti-SF vanilla-iced coffee. I really don’t like skim milk so I load it up with whole milk. Whole milk makes it lighter and it just tastes better IMO. Plus, I like that whole milk is not as processed as skim. I sprinkle on nutmeg and cinnamon, too & I sucked it down in .2 seconds.

To continue on with “Saturday-don’t-matter-day”, I met up with some fantastic ladies who are the girlfriends & wives of my boyfriend Nick’s co-workers.  If you can follow that sentence, good job! Nick and I work in the same industry (Shipping), but we work at different companies. We went to an all day company party at a beautiful house in CT. This is really where the “don’t-matter-day” kicks in. A food truck, a midget walking around carrying beer, sub sandwiches, pizza delivery at 7 pm, a huge bar by the pool, any drink you could want, and fun people from the shipping industry I work in.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, but this Eva Diva behaved herself. I also got thrown into the pool. I was completely thrown off guard as I was in a white skirt, and NOT in a bathing suit. My lovely ex-coworker Brian thought it would be so funny to push me in. Well, he was right. It WAS funny. And actually, quite refreshing. Is it bad the biggest concern was if there was black make-up running down my face? I didn’t even care my clothes were soaked and I didn’t have a spare set; I just wanted to make sure my make-up wasn’t all over the place! But, SOMEHOW and SOMEWAY, make-up stayed in tact! I thought for sure when I walked out of the water, I was going to look like a zombie with black mascara & eyeliner down my cheeks. I was one happy chica that I actually looked ok. I mean this is in front of my boyfriend’s whole company, I didn’t want to be a train wreck! LOL. It was all in good fun. I ended up borrowing clothes – Thank you Jess and Nina if you are reading this! I also won’t lie, shit got weird. But that’s to be expected at an all day food and booze fest. With that said, we all had a great time.

My eats were pretty good – another thing I am happy to report. I had some sandwiches, some pizza, and a granola bar when I got home at the end of the night. Granola bar is so clutch for me at the end of the night. I need want it. Totally absorbs the alcohol and I feel fine in the AM. Anyway, so I totally carb-loaded and ate no veggies, but I call this a successful BBQ when I don’t eat my weight in chips. Not one chip touched my lips, and not that I didn’t let myself, I honestly had no desire. No-more-labeling-good-foods-and-bad-foods = NO FOOD HANGOVER. I owe this to setting goals for myself and having this blog to hold me accountable. It worked. However, I didn’t successfully drink water. But I paced myself with the alchy drinks so I am fine today. I dabbled in a tequila shot, too. I love me some tequila. Then I chased it with a diet coke – how is that for class?

So again, a very serious Saturday Don’t Matter Day. Everything and anything goes. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! A lot of bloggers I read sometimes struggle with going off of their routine when they go out with friends and nights out on the town. I hope I can be some sort of example of how you can still do all of that, but it doesn’t mean you go off your routine. These are the experiences and bonding that make our life fulfilling. Who doesn’t love to socialize? Maybe I should speak for myself because I love going out. I know it can be scary to not be home at a certain time to make that perfect meal you want for yourself because you are out with friends, but it is so worth it. I don’t think anyone walks away from a night out thinking, “I really wish I stayed home alone tonight and ate oatmeal”. Sure, there are times when you definitely think it would have been better to stay home, but I bet more often than not, once you push yourself to go out and let loose a little, you end up having a really great time. Was yesterday my ideal choice of food? No way, but I enjoyed it, ate what I felt like eating, and today is a new day and I’m back at it. I have another family BBQ today but I am not worried 🙂 So I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend and did something fun and spent time with people who fulfill your life.

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I have so much more I want to write but I gotta do some thangs. Grocery store time if I can rally up the energy, yup yup.

Question of the day: 

I want to hear from all of you, what is your best night out ever? When did you not think twice about your routine, food choices, etc. and just let loose and had fun? I wanna know!