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Before I start tonight’s post, I have to say: I suck at drinking water. Plain and simple. I just HATE IT. I don’t really know why. I love to drink hot things all day, and yes, even in the summer, since my office is so dang cold! I do need to make this a goal for myself; to slowly add in more oz. of water on a daily basis. I DO drink liquid.. it just may be in the form of hot green tea or black decaf coffee all-day-long. Sue me. No really, I need to make this more of a priority. HALP!

So we are almost half way through the week, and we all know what that means! Closer and closer to my Zumba® Master Class Friday!

Tonight I am finally home after two very intense Zumba® classes. I am so sore, too, already. Usually it doesn’t hit me till the next morning, but boy am I feeling it already! I can only imagine what tomorrow is going to feel like. My mama was super cute tonight and came to class again. Everyone loves her there, it makes me smile. I snapped some pics of my class at LA Fitness tonight. Great crowd! They actually posed 🙂

Zumba Class 7.24.12

I am exhausted tonight. There was a slight part of me that wasn’t sooooo excited to teach like I usually am. Shocking, huh? I’m just drained & exhausted, and my head has a lot going on in there. However, Zumba is my commitment and I keep myself disciplined. Just like me and my nutrition 🙂 So off to class it was, and two great ones at that! It’s like when other people post on their blogs they really didn’t want to work out, but once they were there, and pushing it hard, they felt great after and were so happy they did it. That’s me tonight. GREAT CLASSES, LADIES & GENTS!!

I just finished my recovery cereal, too: Corn Flakes, Kashi Honey Blossoms, lots of slivered almonds, cacao nibs, a few craisins, and unsweetened Silk almond milk, all mixed together. I couldn’t wait to dig into this when I got home! (This is half-eaten by the time I remembered to snap a pic) #lovecerealfordinner #lovecerealpostrecoveryzumba

Moving on. I have a bone to pick with something we call LIFE. This isn’t pertaining to my life, just in general. I have seen people go through things and it’s like, what? why them? Why did they deserve that lay off? Why did their health get so bad? Why did they have to get hurt so badly? And why are all of those things happening at the SAME TIME? Why is it when it rains, it really does pour? Why are these the paths we have to go through, sometimes? My heart breaks, because I don’t like seeing those close to me hurt so much.

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So this made me think back to some of the rough times I have endured in my life. It is late so this post may be cut short and I’ll continue it for Wednesday, but I have had some really tough things happen in my life. Some incredibly tough break-ups, especially the ones in Boston, that I never thought I could ever recover from. There was a time, after I just moved to Boston, that my boyfriend whom I moved for, broke up with me three days…THREE DAYS…after I moved to be with him (don’t even get me started on the one that I dated after that ex, too.. sheesh!). Let’s not even mention that it was the day before I was starting my new job. To call myself a wreck is an understatement. I had a complete break-down; didn’t show up to work for a WEEK, and made my parents bring me back to CT to “re-group”. I didn’t think I could handle Boston by myself. Somehow my job at the time was willing to take me back and so I went back. I sucked it up for two years, met some great people and reconnected with others that I had known, and everything was OK. I am obviously now back in CT, but that was an experience I grew tremendously from. But when I think back to September 2009, and the place I was in, I never thought, EVER, that I could be happy again. What a lie – I am happier now that I’ve ever been in my whole existence, with myself most importantly, and with Nicholas. 

So what was that for? Was this all a part of God’s plan for me? (Bare with me, I am projecting some Faith here) I really think we are only given what God knows we can handle. I had some growing up to do, some maturing to do, and learning how to love ME before loving anyone else. Oh yeah, and gain some much needed self-confidence. Hindsight of course is always 20/20, but looking back to 2009, I can easily now see why that situation didn’t work out for me. I just wasn’t ready for it. I actually think I was too selfish of a person, despite not loving who I was, if that even makes sense. I wasn’t ready to open myself up, even though at the time, I thought I was. I lacked self-esteem. To achieve success at all of these things, I had to be alone. 

I want to continue digging into this tomorrow and hear your thoughts.

Question of the night – do you all think “God” (whatever faith ya’ll are) has a plan for us? Do you think we not given something we couldn’t handle? Do you think we have to go through things to get to the better thing that is waiting for us in the end? I’d love to hear your experiences. 

More to come on this tomorrow (Wednesday).