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Wow this weekend went by fast!  How was everyone’s weekend? If you missed my Zumba Master Class recap from Friday and really want to read it (no pressure or anything), go here. I am still on cloud9 from it all.

Like I’ve said, my Marvelous in my Monday always stems from a productive and healthy weekend. Thank you Katie @ Healthy Diva Eats for hosting this, by the way! Check out her blog, it’s awesome.

I had some girlfriends from college over Saturday and stopped at the store to pick up some healthy snacks for us all, and oh yeah, Guinness, my favorite!

When I have people over, I always like to offer some healthy-but-good-snacks. This includes cut up veggies of any kind (carrots, peppers, tomato’s, broccoli, cucumbers, celery) and dips like Hummus, Salsa, and Guacomole. HELLOOOO good fats! Strawberries also made the party plate as you can see from the picture above. With that said, I do like having other decadent treats like turkey pepperoni’s, some kind of sharp cheese, and of course, Tostito’s. Who doesn’t like tortilla chips?! I can assure all of you, that the above snacks were consumed with barely any left-overs. Fun times, people, fun times.

Then yesterday, I passed an awesome new Whole Foods I decided to check out. Seriously, do I just live at the grocery store? Tonight after work I also made another trip to TRADER JOE’s. Anyway, I think I got lost in WF yesterday for 2 hours, no joke. I like to scour every single aisle to find any new product or the latest health crazed food the blogger world is talking about. I ended up constraining myself to only a few things, although this was VERY difficult, not gonna lie. I found a new milk – Rice Milk.  It was really cheap, I think like $1.69, so I picked up a carton because I definitely was not going to lose sleep if I hated it and threw it out. I tried it this morning and it tasted (no joke) like rice pudding. I am a fan! Another awesome food find, friends.

I bought arugula (not surprised are we), usweetened coconut, plain chobani’s, tepmeh, frozen blue berries, Truvia, canned pumpkin, red pepper flakes (SPICY!!), basil, some samples of Egg White Protein, Organic Lean Beef Burgers, and my new love, Rice Milk.

Up close & personal

I also made a delicious veggie burger for lunch on a 100 calorie sandwich thin. Love Dr. Praeger’s California Burgers! This totally hit the spot.


– One Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burger

– Laughing Cow Blue Cheese wedge

– 100 calorie sandwich thin

– Sriracha hot sauce


– Toast bread, microwave veg burger for 90 seconds, smear LC cheese on bread, and top with Sriracha.. YUM YUM YUM. Of course, I paired this with a big side of steamed veggies – broccoli, cauliflour, and carrots (not pictured) with even more hot sauce on top. Sriracha is the best-condiment-ever.

I heart you.

So this afternoon I had to run some errands in good old New Canaan (ugh tax collector for my car taxes.. so annoying). Anyway, I needed some vitamins so I stopped at this natural foods store that I totally forgot existed. GUESS WHAT I STUMBLED UPON?! Sun Warrior Protein Powder!! I am so excited they had this. This certainly makes for a Marvelous in My Monday. I cannot wait to try this; I have only heard good things.

I have a feeling I am going to become obsessed.. my wallet, not so much. I snapped this iPhone picture the second I got into my car, ha. 

Today I also have been a champ at drinking water. I had several cups at work today – that is a HUGE improvement. Baby steps… baby steps. I have to work up to 8…. who am I kidding? 4 may be my max, ha ha.

Lastly, I want to share some things I am grateful for as I reflect on the week prior and this weekend:

– My health. I feel the best I have ever felt mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is an important one as my 2 sister’s both have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and one is dealing with a relapse right now. and is going through monthly chemo treatments – apparently that helps MS. She is totally fine, but it just makes me realize how grateful I should be, and I am. She also has a super positive attitude that is so contagious. Expect a blog post on this soon (yes, I got her permission to share, in case anyone is worried ;))

{image source}

– Nick. One word. We’ll just leave it at that 🙂

My love.

– Shaira & Costa for letting me teach 3 routines at the Zumba Master Class. My 15 min of fame right there! ha.

Shaira and Costa breakin’ it down

– Whole Foods – this is a love/hate. Thank you for carrying such awesome new food finds, but darn you for being so friggin’ expensive.

– This blogging world! I am so grateful for all the blogs I come across and all the stories with in them. It keeps me motivated to keep improving mine and to stay on top of it. Gracias Amigos!

Some other blogs I loved this week: (Thank you Danielle for inspiring this!)

How was everyone’s weekend?

Question of the night –  What are your staples of foods/snacks/drinks for serving guests? Do you always try to keep it on the “healthier side”?

Tomorrow is.. DOUBLE ZUMBA TUESDAY… yeahhhh buddy!