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Funny post title, huh? I thought so. {not really, just not sure people think of a burger when I post about Zumba}

Do we all know yet how much I love to teach Zumba? Oh, no, you don’t? Let me explain….

Just kidding. That will really have my readers click the X button off their internet browser in .2 seconds. {lol} For those of you new to my blog, you can read about Z here 🙂

Before I even get into tonight’s classes, I got a very nice surprise at work. A Zumba Student of mine, Ryan, used to come to my classes religiously here in CT. He recently moved to California, and he LOVED Zumba. He started his little Zumba addiction with me as his instructor, so he is obviously a little biased, ha (I kid, I kid). After he left he wrote me saying how much he had learned from me; it was pretty touching. He so thoughtfully sent me a gift to thank me for the classes. He so did not have to do that! It totally amazes me that I have inspired someone so much, or for someone to even feel the need to thank me. I love teaching. LOVE. I can’t even believe I get to get paid for something that I love doing. It still baffles me.


excuse the picture I took at my desk at work, and it’s unedited…you get the point though 🙂

It is a Zumba figurine with my name on her little star platform and all of my songs from my class written on each side of it. On the back of her shirt it says “#1 Zumba Instructor”. He even put the Zumba® logo on her pants! I can’t even believe this. Can you see the details on it? Amazing. THANK YOU RYAN, SO MUCH!

Anyway – tonight was the usual Tuesday. Step N Out Dance Studios (where I charge per member) and LA Fitness (I get paid like a dollar, but it is a huge class at the gym).  I had my usual students…and a great friend Stacey with whom I’ve grown up with joined my class tonight! She is getting her PhD at Duke right now and is home visiting for a week. She also just got licensed to teach Zumba as well; so proud!!

Lil throw back.. pic of me and Stace when I went to visit her in Nashville 2009. Rockin’ the side bangs, ya know. HI STACE!

I finally have some pictures from Friday’s Master Class! Enjoy 🙂


View from the stage… totes my new FB cover photo.. I couldn’t resist!

We sick of Zumba yet?

Now let’s talk about FOOD…BURGERS!!

{Let me just say that it is rare I eat burgers. I like them extra-lean and that is often hard to find with beef, at least at Stop n Shop. I only buy them from either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, since they carry the leanest one’s I’ve found to date.}

Monday night I was so in the mood for the organic burgers I bought from Whole Foods on Sunday. I guess this really is not a recipe, as all I did was throw the burgers on the stove in some coconut oil for like 10 minutes, and then threw them over a salad, but I know some of my Zumba peeps want to know the deets of my meals, so I’ll explain. {They ask, I’ll tell}


  • One package (4 frozen burgers) of organic beef burgers by Applegate Farms
  • Lettuce of choice: mine was Arugula, Spinach & basil all mixed together
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Lots of crushed red pepper
  • Hot fresh Salsa (left over from Saturday get together)
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette or just balsamic vinegar (dressing of choice)

The directions of these baby’s were pretty simple:

1.  Place in a pan over medium heat in a little oil or cooking spray (I used coconut oil AND cooking spray), and cook for 6 minutes on each side.

2. Once they are cooked, add them to your salad mix.

3. I topped mine with lots of salsa, nutritional yeast, and some balsamic vinegar.

I was nice ‘n’ full, (and so was Nick, he ate two of them, ha) but not overly so, which I like. Getting tooooo full is never a good feeling for me. Anyone else? This is probably why I eat so freakin’ often throughout the day, smaller amounts but more frequent, so I don’t feel gross and ‘weighed down’. 

Thoughts: They were just the right size (for me) and at 190 calories or something like that for each one, that isn’t bad at all. 21g of protein, too. Not to even mention, how incredibly delicious they were. I like cooking in coconut oil, by the way – just a little goes a long way. I also liked that I wasn’t overly full after eating it, and I still had room for some chocolate ice cream topped with some Kashi Heart to Heart cereal for dessert 😉 {not pictured}

I hope everyone enjoyed the Zumba pics! Thank you again to Shaira and Costa for allowing me to be apart of their Master Class! I have a feeling you all reading this blog will hear about it for weeks, he he. 

Question of the nightWhat is your favorite burger? and not just a meat one, veggie can be included, too. I wanna know!