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HOLA AMIGOS! Happy Thursday, which means tonight I teach Zumba AND it is almost the weekend. One more day…one more day. It has been a BUSY week. I am super busy at work and then also a lot of exciting blog stuff with my new design that is taking time. Cannot wait to unleash the new C2N page! Have I said that already?!

I am forever living at the grocery store, and Wednesday night, which is a night off from teaching Z, is no different. I was really in the mood to try a pumpkin muffin that Kristin at Stuft Mama makes. I only needed egg whites, and of course almond milk because my fridge only had 1 container left (GASP! we all know my fear of running out of my food fav’s), but walked out with a few more things.

Blueberries. Fresh Blueberries. I can’t get enough of them or their price tag! (hidden under the egg whites). Also needed more oatmeal packets since we all saw in Yesterday’s WIAW, I eat a ridiculous amount of it. Whatever, it works. Chobani? Just because. Another fear of running out of Greek Yogurt.

Lil Stop N Shop pick-me-up

For dinner I wanted to use up the left over burger I made on Monday, that I wrote about in Tuesday’s post.  I also remembered I bought some Tempeh from Whole Foods on Sunday, so I wanted to combine them over a salad. SO EASY and totally not mind-blowing, and not even to mention how redundant my salad concoctions are, but this was good!

I took 1/2 of the burger and 1/4 of the tempeh block and sautéed it in coconut oil on medium heat for, I don’t know, 5 minutes? I am so bad at timing things, sorry.

OH and also cut up some cucumbers to snack on while I was cooking. Anyone else do this? Cut up veggies to snack on while cooking? I don’t like cucumbers to go to waste, so when I buy one, I eat the entire cuc in one sitting. Hate when food goes bad!


Arugula + Basil + Tomato’s + Cucumbers + Hot Salsa + Balsamic Vinegar & Apple Cider Vinegar + Garlic Powder + Crushed Red Pepper Flakes + Burger & Tempeh

My mouth was on fire & loved every second of this weird-concocted salad 🙂

Now on to “dessert”: Protein Pumpkin Muffin (Microwave) 

I copied Kristin @ Stuft Mama’s recipe almost to a T, except I omitted the protein powder, as I am not trying to increase my protein, and I wanted a dessert-like snack. The kitchen was definitely a mess after measuring all this out with all the different ingredients, ha.


  • 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut flour (love bob’s red mill)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 2 Truvia Packets (stevia or can also be used)
  • 1/4 unsweetened almond milk (original)
  • 1/4 cup of egg whites
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract (next time will try the almond extract)
  • Added in 2 spoonful’s of unsweetened shredded coconut (this added such a good flavor!)


  • Spray the mug with cooking spray. Although, I mixed all ingredients FIRST into the mug. Total brain fart. I sprayed it after once everything was mixed in, ha. It worked, though – no sticking!
  • Combine all ingredients into mug.
  • Now Kristin said to microwave for 5 minutes but mine started to volcano at like 4 minutes, so I took it out of the microwave and let cool.

So, it looked like a muffin, sort-of. I wasn’t trying to make it perfect. I knew ahead of time I was going to eat it straight out of the cup with a spoon. I added some SF maple syrup and wa-la!  A mushy pumpkin muffin that was SO GOOD. I mean clearly you can see it looks like a straight can of pumpkin in that cup, but I swear some of it was a cake-like consistency. The added unsweetened shredded coconut was key, too. I think next time, to make it more “muffin-ish”, I will have to take it out of the microwave, let it cool for a second, and then re-start the time. Kind of like how you have to do with oatmeal so it doesn’t erupt everywhere. I will definitely be making this again!

That’s all I’ve got….for today.

Upcoming things at C2N that I am excited to share:

  • I am working on the Liebster Award post, too. THANK YOU Sarah @ Healthcraved for nominating me!
  • Guest post between me and Laura @ Beanie Bumbles to debut some time next week. We are writing a post for each other that day 🙂
  • NEW DESIGN, NEW DESIGN, NEW DESIGN! I cannot wait to see the final product of my new C2N page! What I’ve seen so far will not disappoint.

Question for ya’ll: Anyone have microwave muffin recipe’s they love? I want some more ideas!