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Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Before I get into some meal, nutrition, oh and what the heck, Zumba stuff, I wanted to bring up my some of my fam.

Last night I spent some time with my lovely sisters, Jodi & Brandy. Because of our busy lives, I don’t see them too often, even though we live within 10 miles of each other.  They are 11 and 9 years older than me, respectively, and they also have kids, which means I am an Auntie 🙂 (and also why their lives are so busy!) I first became an Aunt at the age of 14, which feels so weird because I thought I was so cool back then. Now to see my nieces and nephew reaching that age, I see how young they really are! Ohhh hindsight, you are always 20/20, ya jerk.

At Jodi’s Bachelorette party last year in Newport, RI. Order from left: Jodi, Brandy, and me 🙂

As I mentioned in my Liebstar Award post, I am adopted, so therefore my siblings are not blood related to myself.  Jodi’s daughter, my niece, Gigi (who is 12 years old), said “Aunt Eva, I know you are not blood related, but you and my mommy look so much alike!” Totally warms my heart. I love hearing that….thank you, Gigi! I guess when you grow up with a family, you start to look like one another, no matter if the DNA matches or not. Agree?

Anyway – Jodi had us over to her place for a nice pasta dinner and I brought a salad – OF COURSE. I needed somethingEva-Friendly” I could fill up on 😉  Jodi made some plain white pasta (I’m sure you are all shocked that I ate it) with Rao’s sauce – which is the best spaghetti sauce, IMO.

{Sometimes it is OKAY to have simple carbohydrates such as WHITE PASTA. I mean, really. I do not label foods as good or bad, so this makes it much less desirable to over-eat on.  In the past, I would have tried to avoid this at all costs, and then ended up stuffing my face to the point of no return because it was so forbidden. You always tend to want what you can’t have. Give up the labeling and simultaneously, you give up the urges to over-do it. Kinda cool, right?}

Annette at FitnessPerks has a great article on this – check it out.

Brandy made some garlic bread – I did not snap pictures because I think my nephew Logan devoured it all before I could even get to it. {he’s training for Freshman Football so he is a bottomless-carbohydrate-pit}

Here is a little photo collage of last night’s eats:

I just discovered PicMonkey.com and I love their site for editing. Another addiction…oops.

My plate…mostly salad…duhhh! I may have had 2 more helpings of salad. What can I say? Adding in more veggies crowds out the other stuff.

The two new dressings I found wandering the dressing aisle at Stop N Shop!! Brazwell’s and Maple Grove Farms. Brazwell’s is a reuseable carafe – how nice of them! ha. Both had very impressive stats as the Basil Lime was 15 calories per two tablespoons, and the Balsamic was 40 calories per two tablespoons. The sodium content was also low, too, which I liked! {I am not a salt fan – my mother never cooked with it growing up so I don’t have a taste for it} They are both win-wins in my book.

Oh yeah, who can forget the wine? Me and Jodi love us some wine, that’s no secret. She loves her “red neck wine glasses” as she calls them, too. {lol} They are just mason jars with the wine glass stem part attached. Different!

So night was a success. I was not in a pasta coma when I left, and I enjoyed spending time with my two sisters and their kids. See – taking off the labels makes for random nights out that much better, and eating to oblivion {at least for me by non-labeling} is a thing of the past.

Just for fun:

Wanna know a cool story about my sister Jodi and her now-husband Phil? Jodi and Phil first dated when she was 16 years old and he was 18. He was her first love. They ended up breaking up and going separate ways for TWENTY years, where he was married and has two children, and my sister was engaged and had a child (obviously they broke it off).  Then Jodi and Phil reconnected in 2009 via Facebook…oh thank you FB…and the rest is pretty much history. This is Jodi’s first marriage and whatdoyouknow – she ended up marrying her first love from High School, Phil! I LOVE IT!

So for all you people out there who think you just won’t ever find the right person…KNOCK IT OFF. My sister waited till she was 38 to get married for the FIRST TIME, and she freakin’ married her first boyfriend from when she was 16 – I STILL can’t believe it sometimes. Jodi refused to settle, and she tells everyone it was absolutely worth the wait. She for so long thought she would be single forever, but that couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth, as she is obviously happily married. Her story was even a good reminder to me that ‘life really has a funny way of working out’, and things happen when you least expect them. This all goes hand-in-hand with my post on how I truly believe God has a plan for us all.

Brandy, Jodi, and me – what a great day September 17, 2011!

And once again, by the time this post is set to publish, I will be off teaching Zumba! I admit, my playlist needs a face lift. I need to make it a priority this weekend to add in a few new songs. Hold me to it, CLASS!!

Question of the night: Any crazy fate stories to share?  Do you label foods as good or bad? Share your tips!