About Eva

My name is Eva and I am a 28 year old that was born and raised in CT. From 2009 to 2011 I lived in Boston (Southie!!), which is a whole other story in itself, but I am happy to say that I am now back in Stamford, CT (suburb of NYC).

I am an Accountant as my full time job in the oil shipping industry (very much love this as my full time job), but I am also hugely passionate about nutrition and fitness.

All through grade school and high school, I was a dancer for the Walter Schalk School of Dance (www.walterschalk.com), and eventually became a dance instructor for Walter Schalk from 8th-12th grade.

Walter Schalk, 10th grade, year 2000.

I started to get serious about health and nutrition when I was 17 years old and a Senior in High School. Knowing I did not want to gain the “freshman 15”, I started to read health magazines and websites to figure out how exactly I should be eating. I was a dancer so the working out part was already in place.

I fell in love with Kashi products and all vegetables, and I even took to learning how to cook in a “clean” & “healthy” manner. I also (eventually the summer before my first year in college) learned how to work out at a gym since going to college for a degree in Accounting, I was not going to keep up with my first true fitness love – dancing.

I learned to love the treadmill, elliptical, ArcTrainer, and the free-weights, and I am happy to report that I stayed in really good shape my Freshman Year at Fairfield University in Connecticut.

However, through college I had some up’s and down’s in terms of fitness and what I ate (not always doing things “healthy” or taking care of myself), and my weight fluctuating – Sophomore year I gained 20 lbs and was the heaviest I had ever been; not fun and I was very uncomfortable. Junior year I got back on track and was back to a weight I felt comfortable; although some would say I lost “too much”, but to make a long story short, 6 years later I am at a happy medium (thank you Zumba®!!).

Eva Before:

This was my 20th birthday. Don’t you love the up-side-down 40oz of bud light I just drank?! {lol}. My highest weight ever. I am fortunate that I didn’t look too, too bad, but I felt the extra weight and felt uncomfortable. WHY DID I THINK belly shirts were cool?? REALLY.

just finished a 40

Eva Today:

Taken this past May. Me and my god daughter & niece, Jewel McKenna. How cute is she?!

I am sure most of you won’t notice a huge difference, and I was hesitant to even post these photo’s because I realize how ridiculous weight is. But they key here is how uncomfortable mentally I was. That year I gained 20 lbs, I wasn’t taking care of myself. It wasn’t the weight that was an issue here, it was just how poorly I was eating, so in affect I felt terrible mentally. If I was taking care of myself in a healthy manner and that is how I looked above, GREAT, because it is NOT the weight I care about. I was just so mentally run down.  Now when I eat clean, not only does my body reap the benefits, but my mind is all in the right place. I just feel great; that is the best way to describe it.

I never realized the impact of what we eat really affects our daily lives. When you eat poorly, you feel poorly; when you eat clean and well, you feel exactly that. You are what you eat, really is true, huh?

Overall my passion for fitness and nutrition only grew stronger; never diminished, and I found ways to get back on track and stay there. When I graduated in 2006 and worked my way into the corporate world, I still dedicated my time outside of “work” to fitness and nutrition.

After 6 years of Corporate America (and I am still an Accountant in Connecticut – see above), I have decided to become a Health Coach and Zumba® Instructor (to carry on my love for dance!) when I am not in the world of Accounting.

Zumba®, which will have it’s own entire post, has changed my life – I am 100000x more confident than I have ever been. 

I have evolved my knowledge on this “health stuff” greatly since 10 years ago when I began my journey on nutrition. Today I definitely feel at my best mentally, physically, and emotionally, and want to share what works for me with all of you!

Last but not least, my wonderful boyfriend Nicholas. He deserves a shout-out 🙂 I’ve come a long way in terms of relationships, and he is just the icing on the cake. {Insert total cheese-ball Eva now}

4 thoughts on “About Eva”

  1. healthcraved said:

    Hi! I just found your blog and am so excited! I just became a certified Zumba instructor and am applying to my university’s gym to hopefully teach. I love your posts about Zumba! and as a fellow blonde, love the post you did about the john frieda shampoo–haha! looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for coming to my blog! I can’t wait to go read more of yours! AND YOU’RE A ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR?? you just made my day!! I can’t wait to hear about it.. if you need help with ANYTHING in terms of music, choreo, playlists, do not hesitate to contact me! Love helping us Zoom Girls (my boyfriend calls Zumba.. ZOOM, haha!). Purple shampoo rocks. If you have’t tried it, I highly suggest it. I always go every 8 weeks to get highights and my wallet wasn’t liking that so much, so I got the purps, and now going every 10-12. Much better 🙂

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