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May 2012 I graduted from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to be a certified Holistic Health Coach. If anyone is interested in learning more about it, please see my Health Coaching website. If anyone would like to speak to me, do not hesitate to contact me at or through the Health Coach website.

3 thoughts on “Health Coach”

  1. lil romanian chicka said:

    hi i read bout this online, and they are emailing me a lot. I have not made a decision if i should attend or not. Scared, what if its a lot of money and I cant do much w the certification afterwards.. I want to be and RD.. but also this seem a lot faster and maybe cheaper. Please let me know bout ur expirience with this.?? would u recommed it, do u think I could find some work after????

  2. I’m interested to hear more about IIN also. I have attended a webinar to learn more and spoken to a graduate that lives in my area, but I’m just not sure this is for me. Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite part and what do you wish was different?
    thanks for any insight for those of us still deciding…

    • Hey Jana! I actually will get $1000 if someone enrolls who said I refer them, and I’d be willing to split it with anyone who enrolls. by the way.

      I really liked IIN. I do work full time as an accountant, so IIN is a bit on the backseat, but I know for a fact if I pursued it 100 percent, I’d get A LOT out of it. I just love how much info they provide you with along with all the support. I mean when you start counseling clients, you have all the paperwork and hand-outs at your fingertips. To me, that is priceless. Also the website they provide you with is a GREAT foundation. I still use it along with this blog 🙂 I also really loved that I had my OWN health coach as I went through the program. It was nice working with my coach and feeling like I had all of this support. I really got a lot out of the primary eating focus and a lot of the classes I listened to. I really attribute to the good place I am in with my life and food because of IIN.

      Honestly, I don’t have a least favorite thing. True story.

      The only thing I wish was different was that the iPad and iPhone app came out before I enrolled, and I could listen to the lectures/view the classes on my iPad… I had to use a dinky iPad nano for my training…lol. I am so picky, aren’t I?

      Well best of luck to you and please do not hesitate to contact me ( with more questions/concerns. I do have $1000 I can work with too if you choose to enroll!

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